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Time : Every day 07:30 ~ 20:00
Yangdong Village
신라문화가 살아숨쉬는 역사도시관광, 경주시티투어가 함께합니다.
What is the Yandong Village and Namsan Mountain Course?
In this course you will vistit traditional Korean-style house cillage and traditonal markets, you can also meet poeple with warm hearts and feel nostalgia

Tour Bus Fare

Entrance fee

Adult(over 19years old) Teenagers(13~18 years old) Children(6~12 years old)
5,000 Won 2,600 Won 1,900 Won
Running on Sat

Yandong Village and Namsan Mountain Course

※ Notes
There is no separate seat for a preschool age child. The customers with a preschool age child should pay a surcharge for a separate seat.
All customers are responsible to pay for their own admission fees and lunch.
Pay your admission fee to your guide in cash at the entrance of
After finishing schedule, you can move to Shin-gyeongju Station, the hotels and condo in Bomun Complex without charge.
Please book your train and bus leisurely.(When the traffic is bad during long weekedns or peak seasons, it may take more than an hour being blocked on the road.
The schedules can be changed due to traffic or tourist sopt situations
Yangdong village Departure Location&Time
Location Time Departure Location
The-K Gyeongju Hotel 10 : 10 Front of the lobby
KT training hall 10 : 10 Front of the lobby
swissrosen Hotel 10 : 10 Roadside
Hilton Hotel 10 : 15 Front of the lobby
Commodore Hotel 10 : 20 Front of the lobby
Concorde Hotel 10 : 20 Across from the condo
Daemyung Resort 10 : 20 도로(4차선) 건너편 앞
Corea Condo 10 : 20 Roadside
Ilsung Condo 10 : 20 Roadside
Hyundai Hotel 10 : 25 Front of the lobby
Suites Hotel(Dream Center) 10 : 25 Front of the lobby
Kensington Resort 10 : 30 Front of the security offices at main gate
Hanwha Resort 10 : 30 Front of the lobby of a recently
Bukgun-dong(pension village) 10 : 35 pension village entrance Bus stop
Gyeongju Station 10 : 40 front of the Information center
Gyeongju bus terminal 10 : 50 next to terminal, Cheonma Tour
Sin Gyeongju Station (KTX) 11 : 00 CityTour Bus Stop